VLAN trunking in Hyper-V. Virtual switch to VM

1.  get interface

2. set VLANs


Postfix tips

Fast and dirty parsing of /var/log/mail.log.

It shows: date, sender, recipient, mail id, status


Daewoo Tacuma ECU

KEMSCO                                                                                                                                                             DAEWOO

I have a problem with my Tacuma ECU. Randomly MAP sensor stalls at 115KPa. Triple checking sensor and wires shows that it works and I suspected that ADC in ECU is problematic. The easiest way to repair is to get spare ECU, read flash (AM29F200BB – chip#1) of old one and program it to new ECU.

Tacuma1 Tacuma2 Tacuma3 Tacuma4 Tacuma5 Tacuma5

Qmail abracadabras

Sent emails from: sender@example.com

Sent emails from:

Ubuntu 12.04 Stuck at “Stopping Userspace bootsplash”

Virtual machine downloaded from windows azure


1. Edit /etc/default/grub

2. Remove bloatware

If you are unable to enter rescue mode – use SystemRescueCd


Pure-FTP config on Windows Azure host

Command:      MLSD
Error:               Connection timed out
Error:               Failed to retrieve directory listing

1. Add ftp endpoints

2.  Configure Pure-Ftp