OpenVPN on OpenWRT router

Note underscore! Seems that OpenWrt does not like hyphen

config openvpn ‘lan’
option script_security ’2′
option enable ’1′
option remote ’212.x.y.z’
option port ’1194′
option proto ‘udp’
option dev ‘tap0′
option persist_key ’1′
option persist_tun ’1′
option keepalive “10 120″
option comp-lzo “yes”
option secret “/etc/config/static.key”
option user ‘nobody’
option group ‘nogroup’
option status ‘/tmp/openvpn-status.log’
option verb ’3′

Allied Telesis crash course

Allied Telesis

1. Password recovery procedure:

 * Connect to the router using a RS-232 cable
 * Connect to the router via HyperTerminal. Settings for HyperTerminal = 9600 - 8 - None - 1 Flow Control = None
 * Power cycle the router and right away press the s key continuously until you see the login prompt >
 * User:manager; Password:friend

2. Disable security mode:

 disable system security_mode

3. Set IP Address:

 enable ip
 add ip interface=vlan1 ipaddress= mask=
 # To change Address
 set ip interface=interface ipaddress=ipadd mask=ipadd

4. Enable GUI

 set gui=d9924e22.rsc
 enable gui
 show http server

5. Usefull commands

 show install
 show file
 show sys

6. Update firmware

 set loader method=tftp server= destination=flash
 load file=89276-02.rez
 show load

Joomla intranet site rendering in IE

It seems that IE turn on by default compatibility view for intranet sites. In that way most joomla DHML menus are not rendering right. To turn off that setting via GP:
Scope: User, MachinePolicy path:Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Compatibility ViewPolicy setting name: Turn on Internet Explorer Standards Mode for Local Intranet

MS AD password expire notification

This is a little VB script that runs FindExpAcc.exe, parses output and send emails to users.

Script have to be started every day with cron job. On iDayOfWeek it will send notification to every user with password expiring in iDaysToExp or less. On every other day it will send notifications only to users with password expiring in exactly iDaysToExp.